Volunteer of the Third Quarter!

Our Volunteer of the third quarter is the versatile, Pamela Sourbeer. Pamela (pictured center) has been one of our dedicated volunteers since she joined in September of 2014. Pamela wears many hats through our organization, including but not limited to, driving every Wednesday, interviewing our recipients to determine service needs, being an ambassador at many of our events, and much more. In addition, Pamela cares very deeply for our recipients and believes many in our area could benefit from our services as she is an advocate for our “food is medicine” mission. She demonstrates such support for our Recipients Manager, Rachel Hamilton (pictured on the left with Kelley Chapman on the right). What an amazing team they make!

Pamela has enjoyed a career in human services in Montana. She has always enjoyed helping others get the available services they need but were unable to for any number of reasons. Pamela found Meals on Wheels when her husband’s Parkinson’s disease progressed to the point that he could not cook for himself while she was traveling for business. Pamela felt better knowing her husband was checked on and she knew he enjoyed receiving the meals.

When Pamela retired, she moved to South Carolina and decided she was passionate about finding volunteer work that benefited homebound people by not allowing them to go hungry. We are so lucky that Pamela found East Cooper Meals on Wheels!

Pamela says, what she enjoys most about ECMOW is that “she finds it to be a pleasant environment and that we do so much good in the community to help keep people in their home when they are incapacitated in some way and don’t have access to transportation or other resources. I wish other communities would follow the ECMOW model to make the program more accessible to people in other communities.” We are lucky to have Pamela as a volunteer and friend.


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