Volunteer of the 3rd Quarter

Our Volunteer of the third quarter is the ever so funny, Maureen Rogers. Maureen (pictured center) has been one of our dedicated volunteers since November of 2016.  To say that Maureen keeps us on our humor toes is quite the understatement. You may have seen Maureen while you pack meals on a Friday, out on a nutritional drink route, serving tasty samples of our meals at the Senior Center, volunteering at various Events, etc.  Maureen is an avid Ambassador for our organization. Maureen brings such laughter and care to all of us here at Meals on Wheels. When Maureen walks into any room, she can capture your attention with her smile and witty camaraderie.

Recently, I asked Maureen how she chose our organization from the many in our community. Maureen  replied “I chose to volunteer for ECMOW since it was already my charity of choice to donate to on a regular basis.  My mother had to use MOW in my hometown in LA for a while so I knew what a huge difference it could make in someone’s life.  When my friend, Connie, told me how much she enjoyed volunteering for ECMOW, I figured that I should try it. The experience has been amazing–developing friendships while actually doing good in a fun and relaxed atmosphere just can’t be topped!”

Maureen, we cheer for you just as much as you cheer for LSU!!! Keep on smiling and making sure we stay on our toes. Thank you for all that you do for us.

– Kelley Chapman, Volunteer Manager

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