Menu Tasting

We are taking you behind the scenes to learn what it takes to meal plan for more than 300 people!  

We truly believe food is medicine, so in 2015 we adopted NIH standards for our new meals.

Twice a year we challenge students from the MUSC Dietitian Program to create new menu items that meet these stringent standards and taste GREAT. Many thanks to our volunteer taste testers (L-R:  intern Jaclyn, volunteer Angela, volunteer Ellen, volunteer Maureen, and intern Marybeth) for taking time out of their days to give us honest feedback. 

The four meals sampled that day tasted great, had a wide variety of flavors, and who knew seasoned Edamame would be voted the favorite side dish!

“Had no idea the time and effort that go into the planning of the meals. The dietitians put their heart and soul into each meal” – Ellen, volunteer and taste tester.