Volunteer of Q2 2023

What a treat it is to announce Angela Redden as our Volunteer of the 2nd Quarter for 2023.  Angela is your quintessential multitasker and a community-based kind of gal!  Every Wednesday we get to see Angela as a Meal Packer. She also serves as a substitute packer on days when needed.  The energy Angela brings to the food line is infectious, to say the least.  You cannot help but pick up her vibe as she moves from station to station when she sees the need to assist. Her leadership skills draw you into her.  We love that Angela brings to the table (no pun intended) her story telling, laughter and the ability to guide others seamlessly. Angela is genuinely interested in others. People want to be around her because she makes them feel valued.  Because of these amazing traits, many friends of Angela’s have become friends of ours over the years. What an amazing Ambassador for our organization!   

When I asked Angela what she loves most about East Cooper Meals on Wheels, she eloquently states: “What I love most is knowing that I make a small difference each week and the wonderful people (staff, volunteers and recipients) at Meals on Wheels. There is so much joy and happiness each week and it reminds me how blessed I am with the special people in my life. I choose to continue at Meals on Wheels because God led me there at first to help out in a great organization that I didn’t know a lot about, but since being there I have built wonderful friendships and relationships. I love using my God-given gifts through packing the food joyfully and efficiently and the organizational skills that it requires to get the job done well. It holds me accountable to know other people are depending on me showing up.”

We adore you, Angela Redden! You have such a huge heart, fantastic humor and most of all, kindness and loyalty to others.

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  1. The comments are spot on!!!
    I knew Angela even before Meals on Wheels and she brought that same smile and work ethic everyday 💕

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