Education & Advocacy

We strive to improve the overall well-being of our homebound neighbors, and we know that diet is a significant part of that.

Read the key findings that guided us in creating menu goals.

Sharing Resources

We strive to support our recipients and volunteers to help foster a healthier community all-around. When we learn of needs that are outside our scope of service, we try to align resources and partnerships to assist our neighbors in need. If you learn of an opportunity that would be good to share, please let us know!

Wellness Resources


Through partnerships, we connect our recipients with groups who have the resources to address a variety of quality of life issues that extend beyond nutrition. These groups assist our recipients with heating and cooling installations, the building of wheelchair ramps, yard work, minor home maintenance projects and the payment of utility bills in emergency situations. Our partners include the East Cooper Ecumenical Network, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and East Cooper Community Outreach, as well as many others.