Our People

Our Staff

George Roberts | President and CEO

George uses his 20 years of corporate and 10 years of nonprofit experience to help build the best organization possible to ensure no homebound residents in our area go hungry. He comes to work each day with a big smile knowing our amazing staff and volunteers share this passion. It is not just a job; he says, "we’re on a mission to change lives!"

Kelley Chapman | Volunteer Manager

Kelley is a South Carolina native. She and her family live in Mount Pleasant. Kelly truly enjoys being around smiles and laughter - two important ingredients for the magic made at East Cooper Meals on Wheels.

She says knowing our volunteers make our recipients smile and laugh often makes working here all worthwhile. She was previously employed at another nonprofit, where she helped many parents through the trials of bringing preemies into the world. Now, she is helping homebound recipients receive nutritious meals by coordinating the efforts of 450+ volunteers who pack and deliver every meal!

Shay Cook | Business & Operations Manager

Shay relocated to South Carolina from Charlotte, NC. She began her career in graphic design, where she also began her relationship with East Cooper Meals on Wheels. It was 2014 that she first engaged in designing newsletters and other printed pieces for the organization, and over the years her passion began to grow for our mission. In 2020, she made a transition from Account Management with a local printing company to become a full-time member of the Meals on Wheels family.  Shay has always felt a great connection to her community and has also wanted to make a difference in others' lives, so she enjoys working for a great cause. When not at working at Meals on Wheels, you can find Shay at the beach with her husband and son playing in the sand. During her spare time, she also enjoys painting coastal scenes from the lowcountry with acrylic on canvas.

Rachel Hamilton | Recipient Services Manager

Rachel relocated to South Carolina from San Diego, CA, several years ago. She has always had a strong passion for public health, and she's been working in the nonprofit world for over 10 years. Bringing a smile to others has always been an important part of her life, and she strives to make each day a great one!

Rachel feels it is such a blessing being able to work with others who share her philosophy on life! When not at working at Meals on Wheels you can find Rachel at the beach, hanging with friends, or enjoying the beauty of the south! If she had a super-power it would be flying so she could easily travel all around the world!

Arturo Suarez, Operations Assistant

Arturo Suarez | Operations Assistant

Arturo worked 30 years teaching and coaching and the last few years in service jobs. He believes that Jesus has directed him to his work at Meals on Wheels, where interacting with people, sharing stories, and providing for recipients in need make life rewarding and interesting.

Arturo often whistles while he works. After work, he enjoys playing his guitar, singing, watching TV, or going on outings with his wife, Ann.

Our Board of Directors

Becki Phelps, Chairman
Andrea Ulmer, Vice Chairman
Abby Kobrovsky, Secretary
Wade Boals
William Bulsiewicz, M.D.
Beverly Cowart
Tracy Hunter
Gray Ives
Gina Linkous
Dennis McLendon
Rodly Millet
Amy Moyer
Eric R. Walmet