Volunteer of Q1 2024

Shared by Kelley Adams, Volunteer Manager

Allow me to introduce to you the Volunteer of the First Quarter for 2024—Nan Ahern!  Nan is the very kind of person who defines what it means to be an Ambassador of East Cooper Meals on Wheels.  Every Tuesday, we get to see Nan as a meal delivery driver, as well as a substitute driver on days we find ourselves short.  Additionally, Nan has been a full-time Ambassador for us at East Cooper Meals on Wheels since the day she began.  Nan spreads the word about this organization like wildfire.  Once, I attended a holiday party Nan hosted and found myself amongst many different types of people wanting to talk to me about Meals on Wheels because they learned so much through Nan on other occasions! Nan is genuinely kind to everyone she meets, which leaves people wanting to immediately engage with her. Seeing Nan in action while being an Ambassador at events is also something that will warm your heart AND quite possibly inspire you. She gets along with all types of people and simply wants to be there in the moment.   It all comes quite naturally to her, being that she started volunteering as a candy striper at the age of 15! When we speak about our volunteers being the eyes and ears of our community, Nan is the definition of that.  This quarter, while she was delivering a meal, she realized a recipient was in serious trouble.  She could faintly hear the recipient on the other side of the door.  You see, the recipient had fallen earlier that day and Nan could hear the faint cry for help.  Nan gave the recipient great comfort while the recipient crawled to the front door. Along with another person who came to the scene, Nan helped assist our recipient by getting her to a chair, calling 911, and staying on the phone with Stacey and me until EMS arrived at the scene.  Listening to Nan help this woman with her caring words has stayed with me for months.  To hear our “you are our eyes and ears” mantra in action moved me greatly. Nan is the brightest example of that this quarter!

Per Nan, “being on the team of ECMOW has been a truly wonderful experience for me.   The staff is like a big family – warm and welcoming, and most appreciative to the volunteers. They are all super-organized, cheerful, and dedicated, including knowing the names of every single volunteer and being very knowledgeable of the delivery recipients and their various situations.  Having the opportunity to greet the recipients on a weekly basis and make a difference in their lives is a great pleasure.   Because of the relative autonomy and independence of ECMOW, I am happy to spread the word to the public about the accessibility and depth of the services.  Additionally, I am proud that the community is so very supportive of ECMOW, via donations, sponsorships, and volunteers.  I don’t think I have ever been a part of a nonprofit organization that has made me feel so special to lend my services and give back to the community.”

Nan, thank you for your HUGE heart and TRULY loving everything about East Cooper Meals on Wheels.  Your energy is simply infectious to everyone!

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