Letter to the Editor: Giving locally makes a profound difference

We are all familiar with the idea of buying local, but have you taken a moment to consider the impact of giving local? The “buy local” movement has great benefits — fresher food, better quality and locally sourced products, a much more significant impact to …

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Carrie.Mae.Friendship (2)

friendship > a meal

From day one when they arrived on her doorstep to deliver meals, Carrie Mae knew that Rob & Lori were special people. They come faithfully every Friday, and their four-legged delivery assistant, Bella, leads the way to the front door. Carrie Mae always has dog …

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JerriClark.Happiness (1)

Happiness > a meal

Despite losing both of her parents by age 7, Ms. Jerri has nothing but happy memories of growing up on a farm in the tiny town of Lake View, S.C. She smiles so big as she remembers looking after the baby chicks they ordered from …

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Volunteer of the Quarter

“Our Volunteer of the Quarter is our packing expert, Carole Frazzitta. Carole is a dedicated packer on Thursdays and Fridays. Carole has such wonderful friends during her volunteerism on both days. We are drawn to Carole. I became a huge fan instantly. You see, Carole …

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Hope > a meal

Fifteen years ago, Jerome moved from North Charleston to the Old Village of Mount Pleasant because he liked how nice and quiet it was. He stayed busy painting houses for many years, but in March, he fell and could not get up. His injuries were …

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Annie UPDATED (1)

Preserving Independence > a meal

With four sons and plenty of grandchildren, great grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren, it’s no wonder that Ms. Annie’s favorite thing to do is spend time with family. Even so, 86-year-old Annie still enjoys living on her own and even occasionally preparing one of her …

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