We know the elderly and homebound are feeling especially lonely and isolated during this time of social distancing. “Let’s Get Together” to show them they aren’t forgotten through some random acts of kindness. We’ve created a “Be Kind BINGO” card and hope you and your family will play along. Simply print the image below, or save it to your device, and track your progress on showing kindness to those who are most vulnerable, whether they be relatives, neighbors, friends, or strangers. Share photos of your kindness in action on our Facebook and Instagram pages using the hashtag #LetsGetTogether. We have gifts cards from Tavern & Table and Sol to give away – one winner will be selected from anyone who shares at least one photo of their kindness in action, and another winner will be chosen from those who share a photo of a winning BINGO card (five acts of kindness in a row – down, across, or diagonally). Winners will be selected in August!

*Donating Healthy Breakfast Items*
We have a bin for no-contact food donations outside of Holt Hall. Stay tuned for our list of current needs, but we always appreciate high fiber/low sugar cereals, individual servings of fruit in natural juices, and instant oatmeal or grits.

Be Kind BINGO card


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  1. Carrie Mae’s favorite childhood memory is her and her brother watching their grandma making green fried tomatoes. ” They smelled and tasted so good!” She said.


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