Volunteers of the Year 2018

The 2018 Walter Notten Award for Superior Volunteer Service Award was bestowed upon Lori and Rob Bellacicco and their dog, Bella. Rob and Lori drive on Fridays — rain, snow or shine. They helped us immensely after the 2018 snowstorm when the roads were still covered in ice. Rob and Lori are so closely connected to the recipients on their route and take time to chat with them throughout the week — especially Carrie Mae Brown. They assist Carrie and others with tasks like replacing screen doors, repairing porches, moving furniture and any other tasks our recipients may find daunting.

Lori and Rob carry their dog, Bella, with them on the route and the recipients love Bella. Carrie Mae holds Bella every time she receives a visit from the Bellaccicos. This couple inspires us with their selflessness and dedication to not only East Cooper Meals on Wheels, but many other facets their community, wherever there may be a need. This couple, alone or together, will jump in at a moment’s notice to help any person or animal. They always have an ear, a shoulder and a big heart for everyone they meet.