Volunteer of the Quarter

“Our Volunteer of the Quarter is our packing expert, Carole Frazzitta. Carole is a dedicated packer on Thursdays and Fridays. Carole has such wonderful friends during her volunteerism on both days. We are drawn to Carole. I became a huge fan instantly. You see, Carole reminds me of my dear northern friends in New York and Connecticut. Carole’s New York accent and that quick, biting humor. This gal keeps us on our toes and laughing at the very same time. Carole has a huge heart and is very quick to offer to pack in the summer months when I am short a few packers due to vacations. Carole will say: Sign me up! I hope you all have the opportunity to meet this funny lady!  Recently, I asked Carole’s bestie, Diane Carr, for a quote so that we could truly share with you about our Volunteer of the Quarter! Per Diane, “Carole genuinely cares about others. She is a sincere listener whom you can always count on for a sympathetic ear. She always remembers what others have told her is going on in their lives and follows up to see how things are going. At the same time she herself is quiet, modest, and not at all self-serving. She is a dedicated and loving mother and grandmother. She has a wonderful sense of humor and can best George with her funny quips. Her dedication and dependability throughout the years has made her an invaluable asset to ECMOW.”  You know what a funny gal you have to be if you can beat George Roberts at the humor game in the mornings.”– Kelley Chapman, Volunteer Manager. (pictured here with Carole on right).