Meals on Wheels delivers more than meals to isolated neighbors

Nearly 10 million people in this country do not know where their next meal is coming from. Millions more experience the negative effects of living alone, including depression and isolation from social interaction with friends and family. Locally, East Cooper Meals on Wheels has found that the daily visit from a caring volunteer is just as important as delivering a healthy, delicious meal.

“Meals on Wheels saved my life,” shares 89-year-old Carolyn Allen. “I feel like I’m 50 again, but I’ll be turning 90 in June. It’s not just the food that has helped. Having people visit that I can share stories with is so special,” says Allen, a Meals on Wheels recipient since June 2016.

According to her family, Allen has progressed from a state of isolation and depression to having a real joy for life again. They attribute this in large part to the love received daily from her volunteer delivery drivers, whom she now calls true friends.

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